viernes, julio 03, 2009

Simple Minds in U2 360º tour in Barcelona (a sort of)

Well, tonight I went back to see U2 at Camp Nou. A very superb show, much better than the opening one. No voice failure, no mistakes, sweeter, gentler, more connected with the audience. No ISS calling, alas!

So I went dressed as an event as big as this should require.

Now, if you take a closer look:

Yes, that short fatty dark-haired grey-bearded guy is wearing the Simple Minds T-shirt that he bought in 2006 during Black and White 050505 tour.

Now I want you to remember that the Scottish band has just released a new album, Graffiti Soul, that's well worth listening, and buying, and see live. What are you waiting for: hurry up!

You can taste it through Spotify: spotify:album:0m9G0xTa8I1Ijf7B7KmXIw

(Mil disculpas por mi deficiente inglés, pero espero que alguno de mis amigos de la lista de correos de Yahoogroups Simple-minds pasen por aquí.)